Thursday, 10 September 2009

Billy Secular

'South London Press' 30th April 1965



Southern Area Welterweight champion Peter McLaren from Brixton, halted half way through the last round against Liverpudlian Gordon McAteer on the first Premier Ring Sporting Show at Manor Place Baths on Tuesday.....

(This opener goves location and date)

Second, smaller, headline:


Billy Secular, lightweight from Bermondsey, beaten in four rounds by Lex Hunter, has decided to retire. After a chat with manager Denny Mancini, who dvised him to call it a day, 26-year-old Secular will hang up his gloves.

It only took Hunter, also from Bermondsey, two rounds to take the initiative. He landed a solid right hook on Secular's chin and followed it up with punishing body blows, but although Secular was not unneccessarily troubled it was the start of his downfall.

Secular went down fot a count of four in the third, but it was more a trip than a punch that put him there, and as he continued to back-pedal Hunter seized on every chance to break through.

Five right-handers from Hunter in the fourth softened Secular up and he went down for a count of seven and as Hunter continued to dish out the same treatment referee White stepped in.

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