Monday, 3 May 2010


1. Name the three road bridges between Tower & Waterloo bridges.

Blackfriars; Southwark; London (3)

2. In which park is Queen Mary's Rose Garden?

Regents Park. (1)

3. Which London Borough stetches furthest south?

Croydon. (1)

4. Which is the only tube station to share the same name with one on the Paris Metro?

Temple. (1)

5. Two famous explorers have statues at the Royal Geographical Society, at Kensington. Who are they?

David Livingstone; Ernest Shackleton. (2)

6. Which archictect designed City Hall, home of the Greater London Authority & the Mayor of London?

Norman Foster. (1)

7. Which London football ground shares its name with a village in Yorkshire, the site of a famous battle in 1066 between the English Army & an invading Norwegian force?

Stamford Bridge. (1)

8. From what does Fleet Street get its name?

The River Fleet. (1)

9. On which different underground lines will you find Greenford; Upney; & Southgate?

Central; District; Picadilly. (3)

10. What is the London connection with Lake Havasu City, Arizona?

It is the where the old London Bridge was re-built in 1971. (1)

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